Scot Allerdings

Gillette, WY

Wife - Jennifer
Son - Calvin
Step-Son - Tayten


High School Physical Education / Health Teacher, Assistant High School Wrestling Coach

Lubbock, TX - Killdeer, ND 4th of July (2X) - Union, OR (Xtreme Bulls & Rodeo - 3X) - Ponca, NE - Steamboat Springs, CO (2X) - Marshall, MN (3X) - Fergus Falls, MN (2X) - Circle, MT - Breckenridge, CO - St. Paul, MN - Cherokee, IA - Clovis, NM - Glenwood City, WI (3X) -
Buffalo, MN (2X) - West Jordan, UT - Isanti, MN - Hampton, IA (2X) - Wapello, IA (2X) - Medford, WI - Mitchell, NE - Yuma, CO - Sterling, CO - Kimball, NE - Douglas, WY - Bowman, ND - White Sulphur Springs, MT (2X) - Stanford, MT (2X) - Glendive, MT (3X) - Window Rock, AZ - Licking, MO - Bridger, MT (4X), Wahoo, NE, - Plentywood, MT- Ashland, MO - Garden City, KS - Hawley, MN (2X) - Hardin, MT - Dickinson, ND - Roundup, MT - Shelby, MT - Ft. Totten, ND - Cowtown, NJ (2X) - Sandpoint, ID - Sioux Falls, SD - Killdeer, ND Labor Day - Spearfish, SD

Korkow Rodeos (Multiple Rodeos)
New West Pro Rodeo (Hardin, MT)
Cowtown Rodeo (Multiple Rodeos)
Fettig Pro Rodeo (Multiple Rodeos)
Muddy Creek & Nixon Pro Rodeo (Spearfish, SD)
C5 Pro Rodeo (Sandpoint, ID Committee Hire)
J Bar J (Multiple Rodeos)
Barnes Rodeo (Multiple Rodeos)
Cervi Rodeo (Multiple Rodeos)
JS Rodeo (Multiple Rodeos)
Dakota Rodeo (Killdeer, ND - Medford, WI)
Honeycutt (Breckenridge, CO)
Beutler & Sons (Lubbock, TX Committee Hire)
Smith Pro Rodeos (Killdeer, ND Committee Hire)
Flying 5 Rodeo (Union, OR Committee Hire)
Harry Vold (Steamboat Springs, CO Committee Hire)
Pickett Rodeo (Steamboat Springs, CO Committee Hire)
Championship Pro Rodeo (Multiple Rodeos)

* 2013-Present Coors Man In The Can Program
* 2010-11 Jackson Hole Rodeo Barrelman
* 2010 NRCA Finals Alt. Barrelman
* 2009 Thunder In The Hole Bullriding Series Barrelman
* 2008-09 Billings, MT NILE PRCA Rodeo Bullfighter
* 2007 Dodge (RAM) National Circuit Finals Bullfighter
* 2007 Mountain States Circuit Finals Bullfighter
* 2006 Mountain States Circuit Finals Bullfighter
* 2005-08 Estes Park, CO Rooftop Rodeo Bullfighter (3X PRCA Small Outdoor Rodeo of the Year)
* 2005-08 Wyoming High School State Finals Bullfighter
* 2003-04 Montana High School State Finals Bullfighter
* 2003 North American Freestyle Bullfighter Assoc. Finals Qualifier
* 2002 Cody Night Rodeo Bullfighter


 Scot Allerdings grew up around the rodeo world. His father competed as a bareback rider and team roper during his rodeo days, and his grandfather competed as a rough stock rider and roper as well. Going along to several rodeos as a youngster, he too got the rodeo bug.  At the rodeos, Scot was attracted to the bullriding event. Not only watching the riders, but also by paying close attention to the rodeo clown/bullfighters.

 Growing up, Scot participated in several other sports, such as baseball, basketball and wrestling. In 1994 he started his rodeo career as a bullrider. After a few years of competing, Scot decided to give bullfighting a try in the practice pen at college. In 2000 he attended a school taught by World Champion Bullfighter Loyd Ketchum.  By 2003 he was approved for his PRCA bullfighter card. In 2006 and 2007 he was selected to work as a bullfighter at the Mountain States Circuit Finals Rodeo, and in 2007 he was selected as a bullfighter at the prestigious Dodge (RAM) National Circuit Finals Rodeo.

 It was during his years of fighting bulls that he was able to work with several of the best rodeo clowns the industry has to offer.  Scot helped out, on several occasions, with clown acts and started to study the art of the rodeo clown and barrelman.  While working a couple rodeos, Scot was told that he should get a few acts started.  Over the next few years he started to think up different act possibilities. In 2009 an opportunity to work as a rodeo clown and barrelman presented itself to Scot.  He chose to give it a try.  Over the next couple years he honed his clowning skills while working at the Jackson Hole Rodeo summer series.  During the summer of 2011 he received his PRCA clown/barrelman card and in 2012 was able to take his act to several PRCA rodeos around the country.

 During his performances, Scot provides several means of high quality family entertainment. From his family friendly comedy to high-energy entertainment to new exciting acts, Scot will keep the crowd entertained throughout the event.  Scot loves to work with the youth and will do whatever he can to help promote the sport of rodeo, in a positive fashion.

 While not working rodeos, Scot works with the youth of America as a High School Physical Education/Health teacher, as well as an assistant High School wrestling coach.  

 He is truly a “Class Clown”!!

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